Five low cost tech tools

Sometimes educators are limited in how much technology they can incorporate in their learning events due to lack of support and/or funds. Here are some free or low cost tools that can be integrated in any session.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to share your documents and photos with learners.  They can access them from anywhere using computers, phones or tablets.  No more emailing multiple docs to different groups.  You can control who sees which documents in the Dropbox.

2. Screencast-o-matic

Use this tool to record anything on your screen and share with your learners.  You may choose the microphone to add voice to your lesson. Also there is an option to activate the webcam so that your image may be included.  Once completed you can upload the video on YouTube or Screen-o-Matic’s site to share with others.

3. TEDEd

Ever found a great video that you want to share with your learners?  TEDEd allows you to build a whole lesson around the video.  You may include questions, discussion threads and/or link to other articles and sites.


If your lesson has lots of data and facts you may want to consider creating an infographic.  This site allows you to illustrate your information using several templates.  You may download the final product as a PDF or PNG and share through a website, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.


Ever wanted to know what your learners already know about the topic or how much they are retaining from the lesson?  You may use this site to create live polls which your audience can send responses to via SMS or web voting using their computers, phones or tablets.  The results can be imbedded your in PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate right away.

Hopefully these tools will give you an opportunity to deliver your lessons and engage your audience in different manner.  If it is the first time you are using these tools, many of them have tours or intro videos that can show you step by step how to use their product.





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